I believe that I have a very down to earth approach and I am non-judgemental. 


Following the initial free telephone or email consultation, if I think that I can help you, I will undertake a thorough assessment.  This usually involves meeting with parents/carers and child together initially to discuss concerns.  Following this I usually meet with parents/carers and child separately.  If necessary I will also speak with school teachers and other professionals involved, with your consent.  We will then meet again to discuss my understanding of the difficulties and to develop a shared formulation and recommendations or treatment plan.  This process usually takes a minimum of 5 hours spread over a few appointments. 


I offer families the choice over where they would prefer to meet.  Some families feel more comfortable meeting within their home, whilst others prefer to meet in the neutral environment of a clinic.


When trying to understand why a problem has arisen I will ask a lot of questions to think holistically about the child within their context and draw upon my knowledge and experience to develop a shared formulation and treatment plan.  Some people find that the understanding and recommendations are enough to help them make a difference.  For others a short term period of treatment is required (eg. six one hour sessions).  Whilst others may require longer term support.  I always offer a free initial telephone consultation to determine if I feel I can help.  If this is not the appropraite service for you then I will always try to help you find a service that is. 


Please contact me for an initial free consultation.